About Us: About Us : Padma's Beauty Salon, is the place to explore and bring out the beautiful side of you. The salon that has been operational in New Jersy for the last 4 years is based in USA. Apart from being just a beauty salon, it is a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. Residents and women from different nationalities like Lebanese, British, Indians, Pakistanis and tourists visiting the place come here to highlight their appearance. The complete head-to-toe beauty solutions offered here brings about stunning changes in one's appearance and personality. Padma's Beauty Salon is a place where plain and simple appearances are transformed into breathtakingly beautiful looks that is guaranteed to turn heads. Operated and serviced by a team of qualified and experienced beauticians with multi-lingual ability, the salon is one of the most reliable places in the city for beauty treatments. The extremely friendly and hospitable ambience of the salon also offers an inner healing for its customers by way of sharing of experiences. The salon is the most modern and well equipped with the latest in the fashion and beauty/cosmetic industry offering the best of services and facilities to all its customers. All the staff is up to date with the latest trends in the industry and participate in regular fashion and beauty seminars and training programs to upgrade their skills.